March 18th, 2020 – The Self Distancing Edition (Alison)

So I keep thinking about the movie title, Love In A Time of Cholera.  I think someone should do a sequel (you know where I’m going don’t you?), Love In a Time of Covid.  It could be about two millennials who carry on an online romance this time.  The grandparents could be played by Meg Ryan and The Hanks who could add snappy quips about how they fell in love on the AOL and flew to Seattle to almost get cat-fished (You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle).  Billy Crystal could play the other grandfather, a retired NBA referee, who could add his two cents about the time he almost shagged Meg Ryan and that ‘his boys’ could ‘play through’ any virus.  Anyone for a remake of Six Degrees of Separation?  Will Smith yelling six feet across a room at well, everyone.

In the blink of an eye life around us has changed.  We all probably have more toilet paper than we’ve ever owned before.  Stay at home, work from home, no homie hugs or fist bumps.  No fly, no sly, no live television that isn’t news.  Recession, depression, the stock market is a mess and Meagan Markel wore her last official dress.  But when something like this happens we text a little more often, the phone rings and we remember that none of us are alone in this.  And this too shall pass.  Until then, we have more time for movies!
I was watching The New Pope this week and I kept hearing Prince in my head, softly at first then gaining volume with each episode.  “Animals strike curious poses”. This has happened to me before so I raced over to IMDB to look up who the director was.  I was not surprised that it was Paolo Sorrentino because I hear that phrase in my head every time I see one of his films.  Imagine my delight with nine whole episodes!  As a director his cinematography is well choreographed with a near obsession with balance.  At times it is very much like performance art – hence the curious poses.  His scenes are always perfectly sculpted and any still from his work would look great as a piece of art in your living room.  But most of all he loves a peculiar face.  You will never find a more amusing collection of faces than in The New Pope.  I’m willing to bet that Rob couldn’t sit through an episode without mentally flicking that mole off one of the faces while I mused at the perfect math of another.    Neon nuns in nighties dancing to techno beats. And the performances are just as good.  John Malkovich was at his best while that sexy Jude Law just breathed in his speedo (he should be on the husband list).  It doesn’t matter that the show is all about the Catholic church and its mysteries and its not so secret secrets.  Its a sexy expose, a mockery and a well balance critical eye.  And it inspires hope and faith as a separate thing from religion.  You do not need to watch the Young Pope in order to understand the New Pope.  The New Pope is more playful and I will forever chuckle about the time the pope met Sharon Stone.  Two of my favourite films are also by Sorrentino – The Great Beauty and Youth where he tackles his favourite subject, life itself and all of its curious poses.

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