March 18th, 2019

If you ever feel as though life isn’t really what you hoped for, and you aren’t getting a fair shake, sometimes it makes sense to experience life of someone less fortunate than yourself. In this case the movie on Netflix might just be the remedy that you need.   In 2009 the film Precious was released to much acclaim.   The Academy came calling too for Supporting Actress in the form of the Mom played by Monique.
The story is a fairly simple one.   Young 16yo black girl who is overweight and illiterate.   She lives with her Mom who sits around doing absolutely nothing except collecting fraudulent cheques from “the welfare”.   Her only other activity seems to be tormenting her young daughter with profanity and insults.  Young Precious is in school but pregnant once again.   The story unfolds as Precious finds some people to give her a modicum of care.  Mariah Carey shows her acting skills from Glitter.   She plays a government support worker.
I found the story somewhat slow early on as a familiar pattern repeats over and over.   The final 30 mins or so have some remarkable acting and dialogue.  The Academy award was well earned.   There is raw emotion of people hoping to find their way in very trying circumstances.   After credits roll, you take a deep breath and are thankful for the life that you lead.   You were shown a window for a brief time for which it can only scratch the surface.   Still.  Well worth seeing if you get the chance.

I have ordered Crave and HBO and have been catching up on Game of Thrones to re-watch Seasons 6 and 7.  Season 8 comes in April.  But also I can see Westworld Season 2.  Also Last Week Tonight with John Oliver who is excellent.   So much to see.


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