Post Oscar musings (March 4th 2019)

First off, congratulations go out to Alison once again as our Three-peat Officepool winner of the pool.   She consistently can out pick and guess the rest of us.   I thank everyone who took the time to join and have (hopefully) some fun with the choices.

On to the awards itself, I have to say that I liked that there wasn’t a host.   From the beginning we had a good start with no hosts and just presenters.  I honestly didn’t see a great deal of the presentations live as I was out with hockey.  So I saw Best Supporting Actress given out (Regina King) which I felt was very deserving, even though I had not see the film.   I picked it up with Best Actress and like the rest of the world, and winner Olivia Colman herself, was the most shocked and surprised with Glenn Close clapping along with everyone else for The Favourite performance.   Wow!

I really felt Richard E Grant should have won, but I am not upset with two-time winner, Mahershala Ali.   I was thrilled Roma didn’t win Best Picture.   I shrugged my shoulders at Best Director and was pleased with The Green Book.   The Green book was the TIFF People’s Choice Award this year, and it was a feel-good story.  It is a little campy.   But it had good performances and a good message.   So that’s fine.   There are other years that I cannot believe what was selected.   In the end, it doesn’t matter.  The public will decide which films endure and which they want to see year after year.   So while a Winner like Shakespeare in Love is a footnote to the Harvey Weinstein story, Saving Private Ryan lives on and is remembered as the true gem.   As an artist, isn’t that really what you want out of your art?

Generally the fashion was okay, with some notable surprises like Rachel Weisz wearing some ridiculous rubber piece around her shoulders.   Others were looking very frumpy, say Maya Rudolph.   The men tend to wear these suits that all look a size or two too small.  Whatever.   But we move along and hope that the 2019 films provide a greater pool from which to decide.   Happy movie viewing.   In short 2018 were no where as good as 2017.


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