Oscar Week Begins

Things are getting ramped up in LA in preparation for the Oscars on Sunday night.   I can’t think of a year where I have struggled so mightily with the Best Picture as this year.  For certain I have had questions about the ultimate selection of which film was selected in years past, but in my own head I had a pretty good idea of the Best Film (last year I felt that Dunkirk was best and Three Billboards was a close second).    Incidentally having recently watched the Extras in the Blu-Ray for Dunkirk, and what they did to get this on film, I reaffirm my conviction on that.

RDM Oscar

Here is me at Warner Bros Studios Tour with an actual Oscar in my hand (it’s heavier than you think).

As for those those Best Picture nominees, the only film at this point I have not seen is Vice.   That needs to be done this week.   It also addresses Best Actor (Bale), Best Supporting Actor (Rockwell) and Supporting Actress nominations (Adams).   If I do that, I have seen all Best Actor nominees (save Willem Dafoe which I dearly want to see) and all Best Actress nominees, plus Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and Best Actress in a Supporting Role (save Regina King).    I will set up my OfficePools Oscar contest and send out to those who received last year.   If you didn’t receive and want to participate, send me a line.    It costs nothing, and you only get respect from those who you better (Alison is our reigning Queen of the Oscars for back to back years).   Can she three-peat??    We’ll find out on Sunday, or perhaps not if she doesn’t find a wifi spot on the beach!!   Stay tuned.   Enjoy the Oscars and happy picking!!

Or if you choose to be proactive and participate on your own, you can join here:





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