September 10, 2018

I went to the theatre and watched Tulipani at Colossus, and the only reason I knew about it was becuase I saw a NOW magazine in the subway on the way back from taking youngest son to wander around King Street Saturday.   I remember that Alison had praised this film from last year’s TIFF as her favourite.  I went Sunday after dropping son off and there were 3 people in the seats (including me).   It is sad to me that the moviegoing public just misses out.  One of the many marvelous things about TIFF is that it brings a whole new throng of films (that aren’t superhero movies) to the people at large on the big screen.  Many like this year’s First Man and Ben is Back will be in the theatres in a few weeks from now.  Some will make their way onto Netflix.  But many don’t get many second chances.   For some, it is a good thing.  But many others it is not.   They are good stories, and there are so many good stories for people to see.   But maybe some people don’t see the need for movies and really don’t care that much.  I cannot fathom that, as I am anxious to see the latest movies and stars on the screen.   But there is that seeking the lowest common denominator for the average movie goer that is troublesome.   Adam asks “will there be another Jurassic Park?”   And I say – “so long as it makes money, they will keep making them…”.   It is a business, and I get that, but there is also an art here too.   Films that were not initially box office smashes, can become beloved as Shawshank Redemption can attest.  It flopped in the theatre, but gained life on TBS in endless repeats.  As my TIFF adventure begins tonight, I look forward to my 4 movies and seeing a good couple of stories.

Tulipani I enjoyed, and it is really a fable.  It is the story of a Dutch adventurer who is a romantic, but also a dreamer to find a better place to live after flooding in his homeland in Holland.   He rides his bike to Puglia Italy and settles there after some signs of fate.  The story is told with flashbacks as modern day people (notably Ksenia Solo who I am now seeing I remember from the TV series TURN) as someone who is being questioned at the hospital by a police officer (also a police figure in Casino Royale).   The story unfolds in ways that I was not expecting and is filled with glorious scenes of Italy that will make you want to contact your travel agent.   In the end this film spoke to me and I was glad that I saw it.   I appreciate the recommendation.
The Commuter with Liam Neeson is a formulaic piece where the protagonist is being played by forces and people around them to manipulate him based upon other factors in his life.   Here Neeson is a former cop, who is let go late in life from his insurance selling job and “requested” to take part in an investigation on the train he frequents.  It breaks down for me when the train has an incident that can only be thought of as incredible (and all the CGI or mini train set that can be done) but one passenger still has a pristine white blouse after all of it!   Really?!!!   That’s not my ONLY quibble, but it underlined the point.  Maybe we need more Tulipani and LESS Commuter and Taken 1,2 and 3.  Just sayin’!!
I have re-watched some things on Netflix.  CoCo most recently and again this is most enjoyable.  Good music, and a story about family and seeking your dreams.   Others would include Elizabeth and yes, Arrival.   On to TIFF.  I will have plenty to report on next week.

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