August 27th, 2018

After a brief hiatus at the cottage where I was relaxing on the dock, I was able to get out and see a film in the theatre this past week.

Tuesday was venture out and see The Meg.  I am a sucker for any shark movie as anyone knows about me.  I just re-watched Jaws this past weekend and it reaffirms that even with 1970s technology and no CGI, it the classic, and best shark movie ever.   There is a weight to Bruce the shark, and size that other films don’t have with computers.   Yes, there are moments when it looks more fake, but it works.   The Meg is a story where Jason Statham, who doesn’t seem to age, is asked to assist with a submarine rescue at the “new” bottom of the ocean, deeper than Mariana Trench where they think they found a false bottom.  They did.  And there are creatures there, like a giant prehistoric shark.  All of that doesn’t really matter, quite honestly.  The question becomes “is the shark stuff cool, and worth the fee at the theatre?”   There are a few good scenes, and some jumps.  Not like the jump when the fisherman’s head pops out of the bottom of the wrecked boat in Jaws, but again, one can’t compare.  I found the film a bit longer than it needed to be.   It was a fun escape for those who like seeing sharks, and very big ones.

I watched on DVD the complete film for the original Fargo.  I had seen bits and pieces of it, but watched from beginning to end, and I had noted the TV series available on Netflix that is getting accolades.   Billy Bob Thornton plays an intense gun-for-hire, who stumbles upon a small town and runs into Dr Watson/Bilbo Baggins who has a number of problems.  The TV sereies continues.   For the film, I thought that William H Macy and Frances McDormand are both excellent.   They have the campy, rural voices and attitudes shape what happens in the film.   This is the Coen Brothers at their finest.    Good dialog with incidents of intense violence amongst an environment of stark winter.  This film won 2 Oscars and deservedly so, although not Best Picture (but Actress and Writing).    It one of those movies I should have seen long ago, but hadn’t.
TIFF selections are due this week.

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