September 22, 2017 (NOT a Monday – so what of it?!)

Yea it’s not Monday but so be it.
Two movies to talk about.

First – some movies are just plain fun and entertainment for entertaining for a short while.  John Wick Chapter 2 is such a film.   This was fun.   The first was a sleeper hit when it was released as a simple revenge tale for a “retired” hired gun.  The world calls him “The Boogeyman”.   Here is a follow up where the premise means very little and our protagonist looking for some peace and solace (after the loss of his wife and dog) is more involved as the story continues.  The sets are more elaborate and the travel more extensive.  The killing is more intense and it’s just bigger with more of everything.  Keanu did Speed which is the same type of fun film.  Roger Ebert said the same about it.   Now he has John Wick.   There was a cool cameo in this film too which just felt right.   So I am glad to have watched this.

I did see the TIFF film First They Killed My Father a story about a Cambodian little girl during the early days of the battles with Vietnam and the leadership of the Khamir Rouge.   This was directed by Angelina Jolie.  She does an excellent job of setting mood and there is a good sense of here and now.  The cinematography is remarkable.  The story is a scary one about what a young family goes through and a little girl so young.   Still it was slow.  The review on it was more glowing than how I felt about it.  This isn’t a Great War movie.  I don’t think so.  But it was a good story.

On Netflix there is a fascinating story about George Harrison.  Well worth checking out.  Some revelations for me was the drug use.  But the interviews are good.   Such a talent.  Died way too young and impacted so many lives.  So many friends.  And all people in many facets of entertainment.  Racing, film (he financed Monty Python Life of Brian) and of course music.   He was ever searching for the meaning of life.  It wasn’t possessions.  He realized that early on.


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