October 7th, 2013

Last night I went to Colossus and saw Gravity.   I saw it in 3D, big sound, assigned seating (as big as it can be!!) and this was a fascinating film.   Starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock and virtually no one else (Ed Harris’ voice) it is an Apollo 13 like movie set in space.   What happens is not going to be discussed here.
What is important, to me anyway, was the scenes and shots from space in a present day looking film with today’s technology.   No one is beaming aboard anything.  There are no hi-tech jump suits (Star Trek) but rather bulky and cumbersome space suits which protect one from the harsh elements.   We think of space as this adventurous and fantasy place when in fact it has stark realities of air and warmth and water which are crucial to human survival.   Space is filled with danger and one needs to respect that if they are going to work (and live) there.  A more realistic recognition of this helps, even though there are moments in order to making a movie This is a movie worth seeing.   I wish I saw it at TIFF.   There is a range of emotion here that was unexpected for me and provided more reason to enjoy it.   Sandra Bullock  is very good.
See this one.   I would even see it again.

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