November 13, 2017

I managed to watch Gold on Netflix as a recommendation from my friend David.  This is basically a retelling of the Bre-X fraud but without the Canadian content.   In short a down on his luck prospector with a family tradition in mining comes across an opportunity for a gold mine in a remote part of Indonesia.  He meets and later befriends a miner/project manager, who in Bre-X were two separate people (John Felderhof and Michael De Guzman).  You know the rest with the salting of samples.

This story tries to make the point that no one wanted to know about the salting and the fraud.   Matthew McConaughey plays the Walsh character who comes across as a loser and a lush.  The question remains what Walsh knew and whether he was in on the fraud.   Ultimately the movie makes its own mind up on what was the result.  Not sure why the Canadian part of this had to be now a fictional Reno outfit.   In the end it is intriguing to see how this plays out.   Also the resolution where the refusal to sell to a big shot results in government intervention and a requirement to give away the business to that government.   In truth the deal struck with Indonesia was better than the movie made it to be.

Yet another story where business and Wall Street are not shown to be positive.    McConaughey after his turn in Dallas Buyers Club where he lost so much weight shows here that he was able to regain it (and then some!!!).


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