May 20th 2015 – Long Weekend edition

This past weekend I saw Once, the film.  Earlier in the year I had seen the live play here in Toronto and enjoyed it.   I had been exposed to Once, and the music from the Broadway cast (Tony Award winning) and Steve Kazee and his talent.   I liked the music, and looked forward to seeing both of these.    The musical theatre was alright, but I did not feel the chemistry between the two lead characters.  She was driving him and his talent, but there was not a lot of sharing.   But this is background.

The movie is what started it all.   Done in 2007, by the original artists of the songs.   In the movie, that was minimalistic if there ever has been, you have a simple story told with a handheld camera and production that is downright amateur.   But this story lives and dies with the music and the two leads were very good.   Better than I had expected anyway.   They sang beautifully together and brought these songs to life.    I know the songs well and they were performed well and the voices both very good.   Mom and step-Dad watched as well and without any background they liked the movie.   I agree.   It is worth a viewing.   Some nice scenes in Dublin.  Some thicker accents that can be hard to pick up, but songs that are good.
I have three more episodes in Mad Men.
I have watched three episodes of Turn Season 2.
I have watched episode one, second season of The Fall.
I am reading very positive reviews for Mad Max: Fury Road, and positive feedback from Cannes Film Festival.   Looks like a film to catch, as I have seen all Mad Max movies previously.    I don’t think that Mel could have pulled off this film from the previews that I have seen.
Jurassic World getting pushed quite hard in commercials, and I hope that they don’t screw it up.
The review of Tomorrowland was positive although more for the spectacle than the story itself (not sure how rides get to be movies, but here is another one).   To me, it’s kind of like video games (like Mario v Luigi and Lara Croft).   Happy viewing!

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