March 20, 2017

On to the reviews, on Netflix I watched Fifty Shades of Grey, which I simply couldn’t spend a nickel on in a theatre and I am glad that I didn’t.  The source material really is the problem here.  I did read the book (on the insistence of a buddy whose wife found it a great marital aid!).   The book was a struggle for me as I questioned so much about our male model.  Why did he have to be a billionaire?  Why did he have to run a large company and have a fleet of Audi cars?  Why did he have to also be a pilot (helicopters and gliders) and a expert yachtsman etc.?  All this bling!  He has issues but he really plays Dominant-Light as it were.  His convictions however much he wants to memorialize them in a contract, are flexible and change as his mood does.  From elevators to the insistence to of having never slept in the same bed as a Sub/lover.   Why, too, does Anastasia have to be a virgin?   Why so put off by the whole BDSM scene while at the same time demanding to be shown many aspects of it?  Anyway, the story is flimsy and there isn’t a lot of chemistry between the protagonists.  You can’t see the lust.  You can’t sense the uncontrollable pull for each other.   The book seemed to suggest more of that – although I am thankful for less ripping into condoms time and again.  Safe sex.  We get it.   I can’t recommend this, but no one really has.  Number 2 is in theatres now and number 3 to come after that.   Are we really standing on pins and needles wondering if they “get back together again”?  Kim Basinger playing a Mrs Robinson character for young Christian could be interesting, but I won’t spend $13 to find out!
The best of anything that ever came from Fifty Shades of Grey is right here:
Saw a favourable review for Beauty and the Beast.   Still not sure if I need to see a live version of this – but we will see.

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