Labour Day 2016 – September 5th

Pete’s Dragon – this is a real life (humans not cartoons) of the 1980s cartoon of the same name.  It is a basic story (with Disney there must always be parental death) for a little boy who lives and survives in a forest in the American northwest.    The parents die and the boy must live – and he finds help in the form of a giant dragon – who acts more like a dog mostly and has green fur instead of scales making the dog mannerisms more canine.   The story is ET-like in some ways with adults acting as hunters and also observers.   The adults work to understand the child and the existence of the dragon.    This is well told and has some predictable turns.  It also has some good performances with the young boy (Oakes Fegley – a name destined for cereal boxes everywhere!) and some of the adults.  I enjoyed this and it kept youngest son’s attention.  He liked it.   And that is a pretty big deal.   We saw this for $12 together at a small theatre in Bracebridge.   It was worthwhile.

I also finished Stranger Things.   I enjoyed this.   The performances from some were campy (like Winona Rider) but the chief, and the boys and Eleven were all good.    Where this second season goes it has many possibilities.  I would tune in and see.   I thought that they did a good job with the second dimension.   And the monster.

I also watched the short French series with the father who is terminal called Deep.  It was in black and white and well done.   There were some parallels with Breaking Bad.  Thanks for the recommendation.  Both of these series were good.

I am starting up Game of Thrones – now season 2.   I am two-thirds finished the book.   I expect the DVDs will catch up to my reading rather quickly.    TIFF begins next week and it should be fun – I just can’t justify spending $56 for movies like Arrival that will be in theatres in a few weeks later.

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