June 11th, 2014

So this past weekend I rented from Red Box Three Days to Kill with Kevin Costner.  This movie isn’t really sure what it wants to be.  How many movies do we need to see where the contract killer has had enough and wants to hang it up and get reconnected with his suffering family?   This genre has been done better by others.  And the story makes more sense.   Here Costner after a few coughs and sputters (a movie cliche for a hero with an illness) finds out that he is terminal.   Query whether he could even be walking around with what he is alleged to have.   Anyway, he is approached by an ‘agent’ who wants and needs his skills to eliminate a bad guy.   In exchange, he gets to have an ‘expensive experimental drug’ for his ailment to give him some more time.   And all of it really is cliche through the conversations with the long suffering (ex?) Wife and teenager.   It all comes down to a rather predictable conclusion and another $1.50 spent when I am glad it wasn’t $20.

On to Monument Men, the WWII story of American scholars who follow the war to ensure that art gets protected.  The bad Nazis and Hitler have been gathering up art treasures from all conquered countries and as the War has turned, there is a theory that they will destroy all this art.   Cue the Americans to help save the day.   This was slow.  There were some nice scenes of familiar places like Paris and Brugge Belgium and art that I have seen (like Madonna and Child by Michaelangelo) and other paintings.  Still the contrived ending with the Russians gets a little silly.   Also the female (Cate Banchett) and Matt Damon storyline is weak.   Another $1.50 that I won’t get back and I gained no real insight.   The landing dramatically on the beach in Normandy walking through the water was ridiculous as in July 1944 (a month after D-Day) they would have docked at the port and walked off.   No wet feet required.   Strolling around a park area as well with a War going on is not really a good thing to do either.

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