July 24, 2017

There was a recent be a story that a veteran from Calgary wanted to attend the film Dunkirk as he was there when it happened.  He came out praising the film and realism.  I will add my voice to many who have sung the praises of this film.   Christopher Nolan has put together an excellent war picture that builds on the previously successful stories like Saving Private Ryan.   He accomplishes this by using a story with multiple tales that in quite a few cases overlap.  You need to pay attention to ensure you stay straight on this mostly linear storyline.  He also in many cases keeps the dialogue to a minimal including the opening sequence with a young man running through the streets and onto the beach.
This is gripping, intense and emotional.  It is scary.  But scary because of the realism and randomness of war.  As German attacks begin on British and French troops lined up like bowling pins along the desolate beach (with no cover) you can sense the anxiety.  And fear.
I didn’t notice the Hans Zimmer score as much here as I did in Interstellar.  But I did notice the high pitched buzz like in Batman as things began to ramp up and tension is rising.
This is worth seeing on a big screen.  I did not see in IMAX but did in AVX.  I fully expect that there are a number of awards that this should garner.   Maybe even Best Picture.   Maybe even Best Director.   Performances are very good with Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branuagh being notable.   Few female characters at all.  Rylance is so very good once again following his Oscar performance in Bridge of Spies.

Episode 2 of Game of Thrones thankfully was better than Episode 1.  Somebody at long last has put together the idea that the dragons may be useful against the white walkers.  There are also alliances being forged that seem inevitable and necessary.   Battle lines are being drawn and it is going to get interesting.  The production value here is remarkable.


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