January 30th, 2017

I did not go to the theatre this past weekend but on Netflix I have been catching up on a few things.   There are some TV series that I am seeing, which have been delayed by me over some time.   One of those being The Fall with Gillian Anderson.   I finished Season 2, and once again found this to be compelling TV.   Good performances as this story of a serial killer in Dublin moves forward.  The killer has been caught and there is the examination of him and his motives, all the while trying to see if his last victim is actually alive or dead.   Next is Sherlock with Bennedict Cumberbatch and Bilbo Baggins.   Season 2 finishes with the seemingly end of the story as Moriarty and Holmes both find conclusions to a complex game of cat and mouse.   There are not many episodes in each season but the characters are good and it is well written and performed.   Season 3 starts in the first episode about trying to explain Season 2’s ending.   I can’t say yet that I was completely convinced about the explanation, but then again, I don’t think that I meant to be yet.   More to come.

I did see the theatre-released, but really a Netflix film Eddie the Eagle with youngest son on Sat night.   What else do you watch with a 12yo when the hockey isn’t on?   This is the story and the quest for an oddly focused Brit, with very little talent, but plenty of drive to go to the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics.   He was a downhill skier, and then move into Ski Jumping.   At the time there were no regulations about minimum distances to go, you just had to have competed and landed a jump at either the 70m height or the 90m height.    I have stood at the bottom of these hills and jumps in Austria, and they are insane.  Eddie had many obstacles put before him, like changing requirements added by the British Olympic Committee after-the-fact which were meant to dissuade him.    Add in here a forgettable performance from Hugh Jackman and a surprising appearance by Christopher Walken (incredibly!) and we have a yarn about the picked-on kid who makes good.   I had not realized that Eddie had never even attempted the 90m jump until his appearance at the Olympics.   I can only imagine what was going through his mind as he sat up at the top getting ready to jump.    Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) was supposed to take on this role, and I am glad that they chose otherwise.   The guy who played Eddie looked more like the real Eddie.   The message here ultimately is that determination and drive can make up for a lack of talent, and dreams are a good thing to strive for.   It was surprising to me that Mom and Dad, nor coach would have made the trip to Calgary to watch their son realize his childhood dream.   You would think that they would want to be a part of it.


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