January 29th, 2018

With all the hype and the multiple nominations for Get Out, I got a loan from the library to check it out.

I am flabbergasted that this film has been nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director.  My only explanation as I grapple with it is one of political correctness.  The Oscars are tired of being labelled “White” and want to show just how inclusive and diverse that they are.  Given the increased number of films allowed for the Best Picture nomination this one is a throw in (and gains you points with media).
The film itself has a basic premise, inter-racial young couple go for a visit to see her family.   They have only been dating a little while and she has not told them that he is black.  Then it proceeds to turn strange, and simply doesn’t feel right for our black protagonist.  It has some aspects of Rosemary’s Baby in it, but also other movies like Coma etc.  About three-quarters of the way through this I just began laughing to myself at how ridiculous it all was.  At the end I knew that this would be a different review.
I feel saddened that a Director for Three Billboards (which will likely win most of the awards) was not nominated while Get Out’s director was.   It is a head scratcher.  Still after reading the article on Harvey Weinstein and how he stole the Oscars for Shakespeare in Love by spending millions on promoting it with Academy members, while Saving Private Ryan was left aside.  Spielberg refused to spend the money.   His film stands the test of time better.  So he wins in the end.  But I am mindful that it’s not the BEST films that get nominated, but rather those that put the Academy in the best light.  Much like the NFL in the eyes of public opinion.
I watched Concussion on Netflix.  Here is a movie about the NFL and doing research into the damage that multiple head shots have on the brain and life after the game is over.  I have a couple issues with the film.  First the NFL got off pretty lightly in this.   Sure they denied the issue from their self-funded research but it could have been much worse (and I suspect that it was).   I suspect there was a compromise made there.  Then there is the whole argument in the film to dissuade our researcher; “you are trying to shut down the NFL, but bringing forward this issue”.  WHAT?!! The argument goes on to say if parents are dissuaded from getting kids into playing because of dangers, the game will die.   Clearly they have never been to Texas or Florida or Pennsylvania where football is a religion.   See movies like Friday Night Lights, All the Right Moves, Rudy and many others about the sport.   So rather than talk about how the NFL has so many charities, the multi-billion dollar business can invest in prevention and protection of players as well.  This grows the game!  If you claim to love these players, then you help them to deal with post-game life.  That is just good business.
I have started season 2 of Peaky Blinders.   Season 1 started slowly but finished really well.   The BBC scores yet again with quality TV.

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