January 18, 2016

In the Best Picture movie from 1998, Shakespeare in Love, Queen Elizabeth asks the question to the crowd whether a play can show the very truth in nature of love. The reference there of course refers to Romeo and Juliet.  In the unknown film to me before Alison mentioned it, The Beauty Inside, a Korean film, it puts forth the fantastical idea that one man (person) can have their body change each and every time they wake up, and still be able to live fully, including finding love.

This film takes the premise and treats it logically and seriously.  The man involved literally changes every time he wakes and has to deal with that (man, woman, older, younger, with and without glasses etc.)  He has the wardrobe to prove it!  He like everyone else seeks love and to be loved.  But how can you do that?   The rest of the movie explores this.   It explores it well and makes comment about the very nature in truth of love.   It takes it down to its bare essence with satisfying conclusions.   I won’t spoil the plot because it goes places that you wouldn’t initially anticipate.   But I will say that it is touching and you feel for these characters and the struggles that they face, and that everyone faces.   This accomplishes what The Curious Case of Benjamin Button couldn’t do.   So I can wholeheartedly and without hesitation recommend this film if you don’t want to see things blow up good!    Perhaps it is the romantic in me that feels this movie more, but I think that those who don’t feel anything should check themselves for having a pulse (or a heart) at all.
Still need to see The Revenant.  Brother saw it and felt that it was brutal and intense.   That is a common theme.
A word too about the snubbings at the Oscar nominations.  I cannot understand how Ridley Scott gets overlooked for The Martian.   That and an increasingly impressive body of work which includes Best Picture Gladiator.   Still there is no respect.   I also feel for the young boy in Room, who was terrific, and Alicia Vikander for Ex Machina that was overlooked.   It is all too bad.   There are other awards of course SAG, and BAFTA, and Golden Globes, but the Oscar is the pinnacle really.   Sorry that they don’t always get it right.

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