February 28th, 2018 follow up

Here is a follow on discussion to Alison seeing Annihilation in a theatre with people insisting on talking through it.

My post:  It astounds me time and again the theatre etiquette of many of the movie going public.   They are all the clichés as expressed in the Cineplex cartoons, notably many Suzy Soundtracks.    And this isn’t limited to the young and obnoxious.   Girlfriend and I sat behind an older couple who just couldn’t manage to cease the endless chatter.   Girlfriend when she saw Black Panther actually told someone to STFU.   Perhaps we are too conditioned with large screens at home to be able to talk loudly and multi-task through a film in a cinema.   Perhaps it’s more about the increasingly insular and non-public lives that we lead which contributes to this lack of basic understanding of how to act in a crowd.  It’s infuriating, and takes away from the enjoyment of the film.   And some films are actually better if you can see them with an audience, like comedies and scary films.   But it’s less so with these common issues.

When I went last Thursday night it was a 90% full theatre for a 7:30 showing.  The reaction of those leaving was some in bewilderment, others seemingly chatting away.    So how did you like the film, if at all?

I watched Huntsman: Winter’s Watch on dvd which you would think with two of my more favourite actresses (Jessica and Emily Blunt) that I would like it better.   I didn’t.   Quite simply this is a mess, and trying to put together a pre-story for Snow White, but then also a post-story, the nasty Queen (Charlize Theron) is dead but is she really?!    Altogether there is just a little too much Chris Hemsworth in films these days.   The guy seems to be everywhere, and nowhere is he outstanding.   Full review to come next Monday.

I also watched Dirty Money with VW episode, which really puts VW in a bad light, although it takes pot shots at the entire German car making industry.   This involves the scandal on software blockers for NOX emissions on diesel engines.   The real truth is that diesel is not clean, and that no one has ever been able to get an affordable diesel engine to market that is compliant with US standards.   But boy, they played the Hitler card here early, and then talked later about proposing humans and then apes for emissions harm tests (“Germans have a history of using gas…”) and a do-what-the-boss-says-for-sales culture that ignores “killing” human beings, which for me takes it a little bit too far.   I don’t see an uproar in China with 1.5 Billion people, and who still uses coal for factories and has smog days in Beijing which are blinding with such emissions.  But it’s worth a look.

More to come.   Sorry about your movie experience.


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