Family Day 2017, February 20th

So I ventured forth this past weekend to catch the unanimously panned Passengers.  Did it live down to its reputation and were the ratings legit.  Oh my, yes, they definitely were.   Here is a story that takes place in space, but really could take place almost anywhere.   Space (and a long term, incubated space journey) provides a backdrop for the ultimate imprisonment, and lack of choices – but for the most part it adds very little.   There is a space ship carrying future humans to new natural and pristine world.   It is about a 100 year journey, so the people are in suspended animation.   Something happens and one guy is awoken prematurely.   He soon gets bored with the flying Hilton hotel and wrestles with whether or not to awaken another passenger.  The trailers tell you what he decides.   Then the melo-drama inter play between the two people takes place.   A third comes and goes and ultimately there is something that happens which requires action quickly.   Girlfriend can attest that my reaction to the ultimate resolution was “Oh My GOD!!”  The bullshit meter went haywire and my willingness to suspend my disbelief was irretrievably damaged for good.  It is silly.   There is dialog here that I have a hard time believing that between takes the actors didn’t look at each other and laugh.  After the ship is damaged these two enter the engineering area (like Star Trek Enterprise area) and look for something “broken”.   This concept is later re-inforced and repeated by JLaw.  It was a jaw dropping moment.   In the end, it makes no sense.   This I cannot recommend on any level.


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