August 26, 2014

The Lunchbox – I watched this last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed this film.  It is a mature romance with some good comedy.

Both main actors are very good (adult actor from Life of Pi), and I like that they are people and not caricatures.  Had this been a Hollywood film, they would have made it pretty with a bow and resolve it with a Happily Ever After.

Real life isn’t always that way.    It’s an adult film too in that it doesn’t spoon feed you the ending.   This is a simple premise, well told and I am glad that you brought it to my attention.   I would see this again.

There are good supporting characters here, and a glimpse on the surface into life in Mumbai.    Doesn’t make me really want to take a trip there anytime soon.   At the same time, you care about these people.   It shows you how some of the simplest things (the daily task of eating lunch) can become a springboard into another whole new world.    It makes me hungry for naan bread and peas and cheese and curries.

Calvary – not sure if I talked about this one, but it was a furry, smelly mess.   A story with such promise that is derailed by secondary characters who were quality comedians left with nothing to play with.    I am pleased that I avoided the cost of a movie theatre on this one.

Grand Budapest Hotel – a great cast wasted once again.   I am not clear what all the hype was about.   Good to see people like F Murray Abraham again, and Edward Norton and Tilda Swinton.   But OH!   I simply do not get it and the love given to it.

47 Ronin – rented just a couple nights ago.  Keanu being himself in a story that is interesting.  I am still shaking my head at some of the old traditions and the value of “Honour”.   Why risk your life to one who can be so capricious like an Emperor or Ruler?    Why beg for the right to end your life “honourably”?    I need to read Shogun I guess.    Some buddy tells me, I will “let you” take your own life with honour – I would tell him where he could shove it.

Edge of Tomorrow – you may not like Tom Cruise and his movies but I enjoyed this one.   I think that the premise was an interesting one, with a hard reboot every time that Tommy dies.   We avoid the romantic stuff with Emily Blunt, and stay focused on the task at hand; the extinction of the human race.    Pretty high stuff.    And there is Tom acting as an initially scared Recruiter/Promoter of the Good Cause who gets assigned and order to be on the front line offensive.   His reaction is good and the transformation in him is all the more fun.    A movie that stuck with me.    Emily Blunt showed more range here, as not just the pretty face, and they were wise to avoid the romantic attachment that could have been done very poorly (and take away from the serious story).


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