September 21st, 2009

I found myself Friday night with nothing on the tube and thinking back to the movies that you loaned to me.   Thursday night I had watched Being John Malkovich and had a couple truly LOL moments especially when Malkovich himself is trying to shut down this ‘amusement ride’ that has become his existence.   It was very good, and another profanity laced tirade that Malkovich himself can deliver so well.   In the end, it was a strange movie but it had some funny times.   Given this I decided that let’s make this a Kaufman week by seeing the much awarded Synecdoche NY .

What can you really say about this movie?  I recall Ebert saying that this would be a movie that people remember and talk about for years long after they had forgotten Benjamin Button.   This was strange.   There were some interesting life lessons about getting older and being and living in your own life, but this whole reality within a reality within a reality with this play and people acting as the people outside the play all got a little weird.   There are some good actors here, and Catherine Keener seems to be in all of his movies (not sure why) but in the end I just muttered to myself (“WTF was that all about…?”)    It hurt my head watching this, and I would not be talking about this for a long time afterwards.   In fact I turned on Kingdom of Heaven with some good arrow through the throat scenes and swords skewering people that I forgot it almost instantly.   Although the only real refresh is for the purposes of writing to you, right now….


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