March 26th, 2009

I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night and I enjoyed it.  There are a lot of depressing images here from the slums in India , and I cannot imagine going there and seeing it first hand.   At the same time it opens your eyes as to why you have a money pouch when you travel.   It’s a feel-good story with a plot that is interesting   But it was good to watch and created some real tension.   I was most impressed by the child actors in this film as they are all very good.   They made this film what it is.  Sure, on some level I wonder how a young girl living in that kind of poverty and situation turns out to look the way that she does (and she is a striking woman).   I liked the way that they explained Dev Patel’s knowledge of seemingly independent questions with things that have happened in his life.  The relationship with the brother is an interesting one and the redemption that occurs at the end.   Was this the BEST movie of the year?   I don’t know.  But so far it is a pretty good one.

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