December 29th, 2008

The Bucket List was on Friday night and I watched 90% of it (missing the first 10%).   I did not take anything out of it really.   Then two nights ago WIT was on with Emma Thompson as a professor who is stricken with ovarian cancer (which took a law school friend of mine a number of years ago).   If you want to see a movie about a cancer survivor, with months to live then the more realistic movie is Wit, and you also get more out of it.   That was Ebert’s point on the Bucket List.   Heck Terms of Endearment deals with it more realistically too, and is a better vehicle for Nicholson.  So it is with eager anticipation that I look forward to a night out at the movies.  Another movie to add to the list to see will be the new Winslet/DiCaprio film (Revolutionary Road).   I did watch Mamma Mia the other night too.   It was decent.  I had seen the play.  Pierce Brosnan should stay away from singing anything ever again.  Streep I guess because she is who she is (one of the greatest living actresses) gets this role, but I think that there are better singers available here.   The scenery is excellent and is a nice travel brochure for Greece.    This movie (and play for that matter) turns on the song “The Winner Takes It All” and Streep handles it effectively.   The stage version was even better I felt.


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