November 20th, 2007

First film was Eragon, the dragon movie that borrows a great deal from LOTR, which for me as you know a recipe for success.   In twenty words or less it’s an Arthur fable with a dragon involved.  This movie has a very good cast (bad guy Malkovich and good guy Jeremy Irons), which I feel was not used to its capability.   There should first be a warning to this film that states “Note that the film you are watching will not be resolved after the picture is over – more installments to come”.   It leaves the audience unsatisfied and rolling their eyes at having to fork over more money for a movie that did not do so well as to merit a sequel.   But the more disturbing part of this movie for me was the communication between the dragon and her rider.  The dragon is voiced by the great Rachel Weisz, who I like a lot.  I just don’t picture her voice associated with a dragon.   And what’s with the dragon not movie it’s mouth, and only talking through the mind.  And cheesey dialogue that it is?   Don’t dragons speak dragon?   Why would it be English?   Anyway, the dragon scenes were okay, the fight scenes were too darkly lit (why in the days of swordsmanship and arrows would you not fight a battle during daylight?).    You need to see what you are fighting, do you not?   This killed a couple of hours and it was okay, but I cannot recommend it.   I would welcome your thoughts on it.

The second movie we watched was Mr Brooks, which I believe that you reviewed a little while back but I may be wrong.  I did enjoy this movie.  I think that William Hurt needs to work more, even when he looks a little more creepy than you might expect.  I do like how they handled the psychological aspects of the persona, and how you are dealing with a recovering ‘addict’ but an addict who does not reveal his claim to fame.   In some ways this movie gives the blue print on how to kill someone that you don’t know (and I think gives the internet more credit for divulging personal information based solely upon a license plate than you would normally get).   Can you REALLY get someone’s W2/T4 information over the Net to check how much that they are worth?   I was not sure halfway through how all of the stories would come back together and I was glad that I didn’t.  It made sense what they did and the actors did a good job.  Ex-wife pointed it out and I concur on what happened to Demi Moore’s chest?   Did she remove her implants or get them reduced?   For Charlie’s Angels she was stacked.   Perhaps she has the new blow-hole accessory that allows manual inflation as required…?   I liked the banter between the Hurt/Costner characters and how effectively he dealt with Mr Smith.   There were some evils laughs there, and some genuinely funny moments like when they honked at Mr Smith and anticipated at what might happen next….a good movie that I can recommend and enjoyed thoroughly.   It was time well spent Sat night.


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