February 27th, 2008

I watched American Gangster last night and it was decent, however it was a bit too long, and borrowed a little too heavily from other movies of the genre (notably the Godfather).  The ending is a disappointment, as I can’t imagine Vito Corleone or Tony Soprano for that matter ever turning informant on the people around him, especially cops.   It just wouldn’t happen in the Italian community I don’t think.   There seemed to be a number of threads left open here (like Cuba Gooding and what happened to him).  I liked the idea of the most grandly dressed guy being the most insecure and least powerful.   In the pre-Serpico days in 1968, I understood how a cop ‘not on the take’ would be an outcast amongst his peers (ex-wife was confused by that).   There were some real moral dilemmas that the Crowe character handled probably a little too easily and quickly.    Scary too see that 2/3 of the force in narcotics was dirty.   I would have liked to have seen some more details on how Lucas manages to get the 2000 keys into coffins and shipped out by the military.   The reality is that the military knowingly (or not) contributed significantly to the drug trade.   Amazing too that he received only 15 years for his sentence and is back on the street again.  You wonder what he is doing other than getting money from his own story in a movie.   He seemed like a good business man with all his talk of branding and infringement of his own brand – he should work for Proctor and Gamble.

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