December 17th, 2007

Perfume:  You ask most people what of the 5 senses would they eliminate if they had to lose one, and I think that most people would say the sense of smell.   This movie should be shown to those that believe that.   I caught the majority of this movie, missing the first 15 mins or so but then could not stop watching it.   It revolves around a young apprentice who has a unique gift of smell that allows him to create great perfumes.  He works first for aging Dustin Hoffman but then becomes obsessed with being able to capture ALL smells, and essences.   This takes him to try and capture beauty (or happiness if you will) and this takes him on a murderous spree.   He begins taking the lives of beautiful young women to try and synthesize it and bottle it.   What he creates is really quite astounding.   Having read the 4-star Ebert review on this movie, I agree.   Here you have an obsession (pardon the pun) that takes over this young guy’s life, and it becomes very dark.  It is well acted, it is well directed and well written.  It tells an interesting story and one that apparently is better in the audio book and the book itself.   Ex-wife and I both could not leave this movie despite being tired.   Check it out.   I hope to see Atonement in the next little while as it is getting great reviews and the new Charlie Wilson’s War looks good too.   The Golden whatever is supposed to be good too.   If you can, also try to check out Bourne Ultimatum which I thoroughly enjoyed at the theatre.


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