April 15th, 2008

As for movies, I saw Enchanted on the plane on the way back home and it was okay.   A fun story that my 10yo daughter would enjoy.   I liked Stardust better, but maybe that was because I like Claire Danes a little better than Amy Adams.   I am not really a Dempsey fan.   I also finished watching Gone Baby Gone on the flight over.   When I got back home I watched Knocked Up, which was not really very funny.  There were a couple of decent laughs but nothing that made me roll on the floor.   The scene were she tells him that she is pregnant – now THAT was funny with his reaction!   However, NOT in this lifetime would Seth EVER get to be in bed with Heigl here.   It just doesn’t happen except in movies and TV.   Ugly fat dudes who are unshaven and act like children get to date Roseann Barr and not supermodels.


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