June 5th, 2007

Finally, I am not sure whether I told you that I saw Invincible or not.  It was okay.   More down-in-the-dumps guys getting a chance to live their life in pro sports (like the Rookie, or Rocky or other stories like this).  It’s filled with clichés and standard storylines with nothing really to add to it.    The female lead is the ‘dirty girl’ from 40 YO Virgin who worked at the bookstore and had fun in the bathtub.   Not much else to say about it.  I have re-visited DaVinci Code again this month and I like it more upon viewing it a second time.  Yes, Tom Hanks is not right for the role, and I would have liked a prettier Sofie, but I do like the scenes of Paris, and the shots in the Louvre as well as Westminster Abbey.   As I was there a year ago, it brought back fond memories.  I do like the story, and wonder about all this making Jesus a God stuff, rather than just a man with great ideas.   There’s no denying the oppression of women and the desire of the church to maintain full control.   But does Sofie have to be the last in the line?   I don’t know.   I did watch Cars again, and do not like Owen Wilson at all.   I had only hoped that they would put an elongated crooked nose on the car to make it more lifelike.   And I did catch the early part of Something About Mary the other night and laughed my ass off again.   I love that movie.  The scene at Mary’s house with the baseball and the zipper is priceless.   Matt Dillon is great too….


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