Febraury 12th, 2018

Wind River stars Jeremy Renner, from The Town, Bourne, Arrival and many other films.  He has an intensity about him.  Here he plays a hunter/trapper out in Wyoming.  He is divorced from his Native Indian wife, and early on you see that his daughter was missing.   Another local girl goes missing too, and he happens upon her in the middle of the wilderness.   She is barefoot and apparently ran 6 miles in that condition.  What happened?   The FBI is called in (Elizabeth Olsen), along with the local police Sheriff (Graham Greene).   They enlist the help of Renner as Olsen in particular has very little experience and certainly not in those conditions or in the environment.   The story unfolds.   I found the resolution to be unsatisfying, and a little disappointing, at the same time think about just how many people might be suspects in this vast countryside.   The point that is made however was troubling; the US keeps statistics on missing persons except for Native women.   Strange.   And the conditions that these people live under, with chronic unemployment, alcoholism, abuse all make for a sad commentary of the North American treatment of Native people.    This was worth checking out.