August 2, 2021

Patton: Back in the 70s if one can think back that far, movie stars were looking to protest various causes.  Marlon Brando famously sent an Indian woman to decline his Academy Award for Best Actor in The Godfather.  She seemed to just accept it.  In 1971 George C Scott made it plain that he would refuse any award given to him.   Imagine today one of the actors stating this.   However with the war film Patton about WWII army general George Patton, Scott had portrayed this infamous general in an excellent movie.   The film won 7 Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and writing and for Best Actor.    Scott’s portrayal drives the film forward as surely as his tanks did in Africa and later Europe.   The General was a man driven by personal glory and notoriety.   He wanted to be a famous war leader.  He loved war.   In a famous scene with Karl Malden, playing General Bradley the difference between the two men is explored.   Bradley is engaged in war because he has trained to do it, it it his duty and he cares about his men.   This is very different for Patton.   The Germans were very aware of Patton, and even with D Day landings his presence on the sidelines impacted the German defense strategy.   Eisenhower had his hands full with Patton because as much as he was an effective leader, and got things done, he was too opinionated and didn’t do things for the right reason, like Bradley.   This performance and this movie are memorable.   Scott played in some great movies like The Hustler and Doctor Strangelove among others.  This is a role for an actor at the top of his craft.   Well worth watching.   In Canada it is on Crave.  

One Hundred Foot Wave:  on HBO they have a new documentary about a previously little known place in Portugal.   Nazare is a small town where at certain points of the year they have mammoth waves.  It is a series and last Sunday was the first episode.   It showed the process for the American Garrett McNamara was filmed surfing a wave with his team of 78 feet tall.   Remarkable.   I say team because you need skilled Jet Ski drivers and equipment to get the surfer on the wave and then off the wave before the next wave comes.    It was spectacular to watch these waves and the speed of the surfers.   It is no joke to say that these guys put their lives on the line each day they go out.  Having just tried and failed miserably with surfing in BC this was quite something to see.  I don’t have anywhere near the skill that these guys have.   At the same time, I don’t really need have that need or desire to put my life on the line in such a way.   I will enjoy watching this as this area on Portugal becomes a Mecca for the thrill seekers and the stupid after the World Record was announced.