December 5th, 2007

So last night I decided to start watching The Nativity Story and ended up watching the entire thing.   It’s not that I was engrossed that much, it was that I wanted to finish it.  I think that they saw the zillions of dollars that Passion of the Christ made and tried to deal with the happier side of the story.   I am no expert when it comes to matters of the bible and religion but I did not know that John the Baptist was a distant relative of Jesus.   Mary’s cousin was older and was pregnant with another immaculate conception with John, and he was born months before Jesus was.   It was interesting that the made the three wise men more comic relief.   I felt for Joseph (Oscar Isaac) throughout the story because here is this poor sap who’s just trying to be a good guy, and he finds that his Wife (who moved away to be with her cousin) comes back knocked up and claims a spirit did it.   He is shocked to say the least.    In a leap of faith however, he trusts her and her word and then takes her on this long journey back to Bethlehem.   What I wondered though about these kings from afar, is what happened to them later on in Jesus’ life?!    When buddy is getting crucified, why did they not help him?   Why not stand up for him and protect him or even follow in the life of this young King of Kings?    Do we ever hear from them again, or do they drop their gifts and forget?    I found the story slow, and it took a long time to get moving (even at a snail’s pace).   Mary was okay, but I liked her better as the young Whale Rider.   She does not show much range here, and there are long periods of silence and staring at each other.    I might have the kids watch it so that they understand a little bit more why they get gifts this time of year.   Could be a good history lesson for them.   What more do we know of Joseph?

This time of year will have me put the A Christmas Story dvd and watch Darren McGavin swear at his furnace yet again….lol