July 20th, 2015

This weekend ended up being a Minions weekend.   Friday I took youngest son to go and see this movie.   He was excited and interested in seeing what was so popular with his age group.

He enjoyed himself and laughed a few times out loud.   He is one who likes the fart jokes and any other bodily function.   He chose to watch Despicable Me 2 then on the Saturday night.   I can say that level of film deteriorates in this title.
Here we have the affable, side kicks from the first two Despicable movies, who for their part played a quality distraction in the story.   Here they are the whole show.  The challenge with being the whole show, especially when you don’t speak the native language of anyone, is that it is mostly sight gags and Three Stooges humour.   The next major hurdle of course is that the best of these sight gags and humour is shown in the trailers.   So the running joke wears thin after a time.   The main storyline with following a Super Villian (here Sandra Bullock voiced) is that the premise falls flat.  Robbing the Crown Jewels, and more specifically the Crown, doesn’t necessarily make you a monarch.  Nor in fact does following a fable to its logical conclusion.  So then you have an implausible story with unsatisfying results.   The result is a weak film.   Maybe good for a 10yo, but not the adults.