November 6, 2017

The Lovers is a film that reflects upon marriage, affairs, relationships, human nature and adult children.  I watched this because it brings back to me Debra Winger in a more significant role.  She has played smaller roles (like Rachel Gets Married) but here she is the star.  With her is the familiar face guy from Homeland, Tracy Letts.  Here we have empty nest married couple both who are having respective affairs.  Son is to be arriving shortly with girlfriend in two.  The film is examines the dynamics of how they got here as well as the respective lovers.  Then the waters are muddied further.  It was well acted.  I liked seeing Winger again. In the end it was not something to run out and pay for but on Netflix there are worse ways to spend your time.  A younger reviewer may live in the black and white world of the son here and be angered at the thought of lies and deception.   We who are north of 50 will better relate and understand more – not to condone, but will have a better grey perspective.

Littlefinger from Game of Thrones is here.  After being unceremoniously removed by the Starks this guy will have more places to work.   GOT did his career a great service.