April 24th, 2023

Longest Third Date: This new Netflix documentary tells a feel-good, positive story about one New York based young couple, Khani Le and Matt Robertson and their early relationship. They met on the dating App Hinge, and while in NY had two pretty successful dates. For those not dating these days that means that they enjoyed themselves enough to decide to go on another date. That is really a success! Khani is 29yo and Matt is 31yo.

All this is taking place early in 2020. Matt suggests to Khani that prices for flights are quite cheap, and if she is up for it, then they could head to somewhere warm for a long weekend. He was suggesting Costa Rica. To both of their credits, they were adventurous enough to take the leap of faith, despite some protests from family and friends. In March 2020, NYC was just on the verge of shutting down as they boarded their mostly empty flight. The date because of various COVID delays lasts 79 days.

Matt early on had an affinity for his phone and filming virtually everything. Khani was a little hesitant about that, but in hindsight, without him doing that, this show never would have appeared. It was because he had taped the early dates and days and the time in Costa Rica as things unfolded that there was enough content for this film. Imagine as you head onto this adventure that a few days in, your flights get cancelled. NYC gets put into lock down and everyone is working from home. Matt and Khani had the foresight to bring their laptops to be able to do exactly that. They show the awkward first night where they need to share a bed with a stranger. What I liked about this, especially with Matt’s behaviour is that as he feels a lull in the action, he takes action to find something new and different to do. He makes the best of a challenging situation. He arranges for a memorable day away from their resort which shows creativity and attention to detail. Then more delays occur and they are forced to move out of their resort. They find another place to live. A vacation then becomes a living arrangement, very different from a resort life. Once again they are able to explore, seeing different parts of the country and get outside. Their story is posted online and then picked up by NY newspapers. They become celebrities overnight.

This is a fun story. As a guy who has been in the dating world for quite some time, I feel someone vindicated that I am not the only one who takes trips early with a new dating partner. To me, you learn a lot about a person when spending more time with them than just a couple hour date. You knew enough about them to invite the longer time together, and it’s more than just a dinner or a movie. It can be sightseeing, a show, a game or walks through museums or being on a beach. In any event, they see you and you better understand them. This movie was a story of a time with a lot of uncertainty and misery for everyone around the globe, but for this couple it is a memorable beginning.

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage: I am a big fan of live stand up comedy. I have been to Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, I have seen George Carlin back in the day, more recently I have enjoyed Jim Jeffries as he taped his latest Netflix special from Toronto, Matt Braunger in Detroit and Daniel Tosh in Vegas back in November . I have tickets upcoming to see Jimmy Carr. Other comedians that I really enjoy would be Tom Segura, as well as his wife Chrstina P who both have specials on Netflix worth checking out. All that to say that I am up for a good laugh.

Chris Rock, the ex-SNL star, put this hour-long performance on Netflix. I went in with an open mind, and I have to say that this was pretty much a Meh for me. I think I cracked a smile a couple of times. The biggest selling feature for this special is Rock addressing “The Slap” at the Oscars with Will Smith as the aggressor, after Rock talked about Smith’s wife’s Jada’s challenge with her hair. That aspect of the set was fine, but I certainly didn’t laugh. Would I recommend this? No. Those stand up performers listed above all entertain me more than this did. If you can’t find them on Netflix, try finding them on YouTube. I love the fact that there is so much comedy available on various services these days since we all can use some laughs.