August 8th, 2016

You know, I really wanted to like Jason Bourne.  After the disappointing Jeremy Renner attempt at keeping the magic, the return of Maaatt Daaamon and the director (Paul Greengrass) from the previous series was promising.

But alas, like a date you wish was just more interesting than they really are – I stood by and watched getting more and more disappointed.   By the end, the “yea right” moments as a standard SWAT SUV cuts through heavy Strip traffic in Vegas like a hot knife through butter, was just a little too much to take.   And like that date, you begin to shuffle in your seat and check your watch for the time.  What did that SUV do??!!   And from a universe where Jason Bourne was a member of an elite squad of government operatives changing policy and governments throughout the world — we end up with Bourne chasing a guy around trying to prevent an assassination of a Mark Zuckerberg type.   Huh?  How the mighty fall to become so small.
The craters (read: cra-ters) on Tommy Lee Jones’ face get deeper and deeper and his agency leader is a pale comparison to a Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) who is missed.
The fighting is still shot way too tight with no one seemingly being able to hold a camera steady.  Hasn’t anyone ever heard of a tripod?   They were invented years ago.
I will also make mention of the motorcycle race with Julia Stiles on the back.  I might believe that Bourne could MAYBE do that – but NOT with her on the back.   And why do we have to get Daddy-issues with this film??  All questions that are head scratchers but in truth are excuses to set up action sequences that we have seen before.  And have been done better.   So I can’t recommend this movie – however much I wanted to like it and be entertained.
It has been a quiet summer with plenty of “Blocks” in the Blockbusters.  Sigh.  An air conditioned theatre is always a nice way to get out of the heat.