September 17th, 2009

In the past few days I did see a couple of films.   Starting with the Ryan Reynolds flick Definitely Maybe, which I had seen parts of previously but in seeing more of it (missed the first 10 mins) I caught a great deal more and enjoyed it more as a result.  It’s a bit quirky in a How I Met Your Mother kind of way, as a Father tries to explain his love life before the birth of his precocious daughter.   In it there are principally three women for this political campaigner, and all of which come and go in and out of his life.   There’s an early sweetheart, a friend and then a writer.  The most interesting of these is Isla Fisher, who is a very interesting character here.   A close second is the Rachel Weisz character, who is a writer that has a moral and personal dilemma as her world crosses with the political world that our protagonist works in.   In the end, it is all very satisfying and the journey is fun getting there.   I was impressed with Fisher the most, and always like seeing Weisz on screen.

The next movie was RockNRolla, the Guy Ritchie gangster movie from London .   I have to say that the plot here is almost impossible to follow.  Suffice it to say that everyone is trying to scam everyone else here.  It spins around on itself in so many ways that your head hurts after a while.   Then you just watch the images, and from that standpoint it was interesting.   I can’t say that I recommend it, as I guess I am really more of a plot guy and when my head hurts at a movie, then I get frustrated.   Perhaps that explains my frustration with movies like Magnolia….hmmmm….but I digress.  Suffice it to say that if you like a UK gangster yarn, then you might like this.   The very good Jordanian cop from Body of Lies with Leo Dicaprio is here and is solid once again.  I like that guy (Mark Strong) and he seems very versatile.