Labour Day – September 4th, 2017

This week past was catching up on some old friends.  This past weekend it was the 40th anniversary of Close Encounters of the Third Kind on the big screen.  Spielberg’s space masterpiece.  And it looks marvellous on the big screen where it belongs.   The scene of the interior of the space ship was removed (as it should be) but the Magic remains.  Girlfriend had never seen this.  I had.  Together we enjoyed this.  The last  30 mins of this movie remains incredible.  Spielberg says it was the most difficult editing sequence of his career.   It is seamless.  Between the music (Arrival borrows heavily from using the concept of alternate means of communication for aliens).  The building blocks of ET are borne here.   I can go on and on about this film but the simple recommendation is to see it on the big screen with big sound where it belongs.

I have also seen the ending to Game of Thrones.  Season 7 started slowly but when the dragons got more involved it had an energetic pace.  I await to see the Jon Snow reaction to his “news”.  From him especially.   No GOT for 2018 so this one will have to wait.

TIFF begins this week.  I have two movies on tap.  I look forward to the knowledgeable crowds, the lines and the buzz on the streets of Toronto. With any luck I will see a few stars.  Happy TIFF.   Enjoy Dunkirk at the Cinesphere.