May 24th, 2021 (Victoria Day)

I am a little late in writing since it was a long weekend here in Canada. I have been wrapped up in watching MLB, and the NHL playoffs that I haven’t watched a lot of films. I did manage to re-watch a couple.

Booksmart: I have reviewed this before, a year ago in May 25, 2020. In seeing it once again it was a perfect change of pace to have some laughs. It is high school drama, end of year shenanigans but funny and fun. It also has a heart where all these young people, who are each lost and insecure in their own way, find some direction after a night of celebration. There are the typical kids included with the athletes, the theatre types, the brainers and those in between. Relationships are tentative and uncertain. It was fun as the end of the school year approaches.

Bull Durham: In the category of movies I have watched long ago, but didn’t review when I had started conversing with Alison is Bull Durham. This 1988 baseball flick is another movie that is just fun. It is one of the best baseball movies ever made, in my opinion, and shows the trials of career minor leaguer catcher, Crash Davis (played by Kevin Costner) mentoring a young pitcher prospect, Nuke Laloosh, played by Tim Robbins. Davis teaches the immature pitcher the ins and outs of pitching and in life (with local ladies like Susan Sarandon). Robbins and Sarandon met in this film and later married and had kids. There are some classic scenes with Nuke pitching and the chatter on the baseball diamond. As I watch a young Jays baseball team, I think about some of the scenes, like Crash teaching Nuke about baseball clich├ęs for interviews.

And who can forget this lesson in baseball when the pitcher has to trust in his catcher. Priceless the look on Robbins’ face as he sees ball exit the field “in a hurry!!!” Funny! This movie is as relevant today as when it was first released. The actors of course have all aged and moved on but it was a memorable addition to their collective body of work.

Mare of Easttown continues to be good and I am enjoying. Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and the glorious weather we had in Southern Ontario.