June 18th, 2007

As for movies I tried watching the Will Ferrell ice dance movie and could not get through it (Blades of Steel?).  The movie is just too darned stupid.  It is not very funny.  Napolean Dynamite should consider a sequel to ND soon, rather than other roles which have bombed (like Benchwarmers and this stinker).

Shopgirl was on a fair bit this past weekend (Sat AM and also Sat night) and I watched a little bit of it.   I also watched the last Sopranos episode and all I have to say there is ‘nothing like petering out’.  I liked the head crunching by the SUV on Phil, but the plot here was confusing and tried unsuccessfully to tie up a lot of loose ends.  Half the ends I had no idea who or what they were dealing with.   So a thumbs down for me.  I only watched the Sopranos from the last couple of seasons and to be honest I think that it’s overrated.  His endings are generally lame like the Xmas set-up at the end of last season.  So I have little incentive to actually rent the previous seasons and try and get caught up.  I find little AJ annoying and typical of his generation.  I would have let him go to the Army and learn some discipline.   But that’s just me.